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Planning a JUCY adventure? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.  

If you can’t find the answer you were looking for, please get in touch with the JUCY Crew!


JUCY accepts drivers 18 years and over who hold:

  • A Full Driver Licence in English
  • A Restricted NZ Licence or Australian Green P (P2) Licence. Please check out our Terms and Conditions for more information, we do NOT accept Learners Licence or any probationary Licences, including a Red P Plate or a P1 Licence.

If the Licence is not in English then you will need an International Driver Permit or a Certified Translation of the home country Driver Licence. This must accompany the home country Driver Licence.

JUCY wants to show you some of the best spots to camp in NZ, so we have worked with our partners to bring you one of the most comprehensive camping maps available. This interactive map shows almost every free and paid camping facility in New Zealand and provides extensive information about each location. Click here to view the map

We suggest staying in New Zealand’s awesome and well equipped Holiday Parks or Department of Conservation camp grounds. There are also plenty of areas around the country to camp, just make sure where you park up is one of the designated sites. 

Freedom Camping in New Zealand

Freedom Camping (camping in public places) is available in  loads of designated sites around New Zealand. If you do decide to Freedom Camp, you must ensure you are close to public toilets and take extra care to clear your site of any rubbish and other waste, before leaving – it’s called being a tidy kiwi.

New Zealanders (or kiwis as we’re called) are very passionate about our keeping our country beautiful and in pristine condition. People found to be abusing the environment are likely to come across a very unfriendly welcome and potentially face fines!

Assume Nothing, Always Ask a Local!
The best place to find info about where you can camp and what procedures to follow is from those who know the area. Don't hesitate to ask a friendly local for more information if you are unsure. 

Be Ecowise
It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep New Zealand beautiful, so please be actively involved in caring for the environment. Keep our towns, cities, parks, beaches and native bush free from pollution and waste and respect our unique flora and fauna. Click here to download some handy tips on how to be eco-wise and leave gentle footprints when you’re on your New Zealand adventures.

Play It Safe
Staying safe is crucial to enjoying your holiday. It’s important to know that New Zealand can experience four seasons in one day, so  for any outdoor trips you should carry  wet weather gear and warm clothing. For anything more than  a short walk, always let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. See the links below for information about travelling safely throughout New Zealand.

Use the Facilities
In the spirit of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship), we ask that you familiarise yourself with the information in this section in order to plan an adventure that leaves no trace of your trip for the collective benefit of current and future generations. ‘Camping our way’ is not using the side of the road or the bush as a toilet – please use on board or public facilities.

• Public Toilets

• HAPNZ Holiday Parks

• Dump stations

• DOC Campsites

• LoveNZ – Recycle

• i-SITE visitor centre

• Litter laws in NZ!

• Department of Conservation

          Follow the Signs


Please leave no trace of your visit. Put all your rubbish in the bins provided.


To help protect our environment, please carefully recycle your rubbish in the bins provided.


Public toilets. ‘Camping our way’ is not using the bush as a toilet – please use onboard or public facilities.


Dump stations – these are places where you can empty your campervan toilet and wastewater.


Yes, you can camp here! Call in to i-SITE Information centres, Department of Conservation visitor centres and holiday parks and ask about local camping guidelines. Ask a local!


Regional Information

Some regions have developed information to help you find out more about camping in their area. Remember though, if the information isn’t listed here, always ask a local.

• Far North District Council

• Hurunui District Council

• Thames Coromandel District Council

• Christchurch City Council

• Tauranga City Council

• Grey District Council

• Gisborne District Council

• Westland District Council

• Rotorua District Council

• Mackenzie District Council

• Hastings District Council

• Queenstown Lakes District Council

• Tasman District Council

• Clutha District Council

• Nelson City Council


• Kaikoura District Council


When you hire your wheels from JUCY, you have two options.

  1. Pay a 20% deposit at the time of booking to hold your wheels for the big trip and pay the rest on collection.
  2. Pay in full at the time of booking, one less thing to worry about on collection and gets you on the road faster! 

We know how important it is to stay connected when travelling!

JUCY now offers Skoot, a tablet device which attaches to your dashboard and provides GPS navigation, audio guides and driver safety tips. Think of it as your backseat driver but with benefits!  Save on data and dollars when you turn your Skoot into a Wi-Fi hotspot, connecting to the Spark 3G/4G network (where available). When outside of the network you can use the 1GB of data available on Skoot daily, on up to 5 devices.

The Skoot devices are not able to removed from their position in the vehicle. 

After some JUCY extras? We have the following additional items available for hire:

• GPS (Skoot) - $8 per day

• GPS and Wi-Fi (Skoot + Wifi) - $15 per day

• Picnic Seats - $8 each

• Camping Table - $25 each

• Roof Racks - $40 (2x straps per vehicle, to secure to the roof rack)

• Snow Chains - $40

• Child and Baby Seats - $40

 Please note, all items are subject to availability. To be first in, first served let us know at the earliest available opportunity the extras you would like to add to your booking.  

The Interislander is a vehicle and passenger ferry linking the North & South Islands of New Zealand. It crosses the Cook Strait between Wellington and Picton in both directions.

Booking and travelling on the Interislander is super easy with JUCY. There's no need to unpack and repack your car, simply drive your JUCY vehicle on to the ferry and then sit back and enjoy the 3 hour cruise. Upon arrival at your destination, you can drive off the boat and carry on with your adventure!

JUCY Lovers get exclusive prices on Interislander fares. Bookings can be made at the same time you are booking a vehicle online, or by calling our free-call reservations number 0800 399 736. It is strongly recommended to make bookings in advance of the date, particularly in peak season (November to March).

Please note that:

- JUCY ferry prices are fully refundable if the cancellation is made at least 24 hours prior to sailing.

- JUCY is not liable for any sailing cancellations due to force majeure incidents.  

- Ferry bookings can be amended, there is no amendment fee. 

- Amendments are subject to availability.

For more information about the service, head to the Interislander website.


To make changes to your booking including extending your drop-off / return date, you will need to contact us by phone or email ( Please note that any changes are subject to availability and approval by JUCY. Rates may also be re-calculated at the time of the amendment.

Yes. A 2% fee applies for Visa and Mastercard and a 4% fee applies for American Express. 

Our Excess Reduction covers you for all damage to the JUCY vehicle and Third Party vehicles or property. However, like any cover, there are exclusions. To find out more about these exclusions, see section 11 of the Terms and Conditions.

The Excess Reduction Cover options available, vary per vehicle category – Car, Campa and Motorhome.

If you select Stress Free, it means you have no excess and no security bond. A $75 claims administration fee does apply for all accident claims though.

You can select your Excess Reduction Cover option at the branch when you collect your JUCY wheels or contact us by phone or email (

Unfortunately, if you incur tolls while you’re in your JUCY vehicle and these are not paid within the timeframe designated by the toll company OR you are issued with any infringements while in your JUCY vehicle, the issuing authority sends the notice to JUCY. We have to pass the notice onto a third-party to have the name on the notice changed from JUCY’s to yours. The third-party charges us an administration fee of $60 to process the change of name, we pass this $60 charge on to you in addition to the toll/fine amount. 

If you think you've incurred a toll or infringement while you were out in your JUCY vehicle, it's good to know our processes and any additional costs associated with the fine.

When JUCY receives an unpaid toll or infringement notice from the relevant authority, it must be changed from our name into as the person who had the vehicle on hire from us at the time the fine occurred. This name transfer involves a third party who charge us a fee of $60 to make the change. We pass this $60 charge  onto you, in addition to the fine amount. Following the name change, the toll/infringement authority will then send out the unpaid toll/infringement notice to the name and address held against the booking, this must be paid by the customer responsible.

Should you wish to dispute the toll/infringement fine, you must contact the authority directly that have issued the fine.

If you have already paid your toll/infringement and have still been charged the $60 administration fee, then please send us a copy of your receipt to and our team will look into this further. Please note that you must have paid the toll/infringement before JUCY received the notice.