person driving in the snow in the south island of new zealand


If you plan on exploring the South Island of New Zealand during winter, you might need snow chains. Here's everything you need to know about these handy winter accessories. 

What are snow chains?

Snow chains, sometimes called tyre chains, are devices that are fitted to the tyres of your vehicle to provide extra grip when you're driving through snowy or icy conditions. 

How to put on snow chains

The main thing to remember when fitting snow chains is to make sure they are fitted tightly.

Download this PDF document [PDF, 961 KB] for detailed instructions. 

Or, check out this video for instructions on how to put snow chains on your vehicle. 

When do you need to use snow chains in New Zealand?

It is highly recommended to carry snow chains with you if you are travelling on any high country or alpine roads in the South Island during winter. For example, the Lindis Pass, which connects Christchurch with Lake Wanaka and Lake Pukaku, should only be attempted with snow chains when there is snow on the road. Other popular roads to be wary of include Arthur's Pass, Lewis Pass, Porters Pass, and The Crown Range.

You will definitely need snow chains if you plan on taking advantage of our SKI4FREE offer and heading up to the Treble Cone ski field. 

The Queenstown Lakes District Council recommends that you carry snow chains as a precaution in winter, no matter where you plan on travelling in the area. In areas where snow chains are needed, such as treacherous alpine roads, you'll notice designated areas where you can safely pull over to fit your snow chains to your vehicle.  

There are some routes where the New Zealand law on snow chains means you need to carry them with you. For example, if you plan on driving to Milford Sound in winter, you'll need to take snow chains. 

If you ignore signs saying you need to fit snow chains, you risk being fined.

However, you should only fit your snow chains when there is snow on the road, or when you are instructed to put them on. Driving on a dry road with snow chains can increase your risk of sliding when braking, and damage your vehicle. 

How fast can you drive with snow chains?

Snow chains add extra weight to your wheels. This can affect the steering, handling and responsiveness of your vehicle. To drive safely, you must reduce your speed. DO NOT EXCEED 20 KILOMETRES PER HOUR. 

You should also be careful to accelerate and decelerate slowly.

jucy vehicle driving on snowy road in new zealand

Do you need to put snow chains on all four tyres?

You only need to fit snow chains to the driving wheels of your vehicle (driving wheels are the ones that spin when you put your foot on the gas). A two-wheel drive vehicle has two driving wheels (these can be either at the front or back), while a four-wheel drive has four. 

If hiring a two-wheel drive vehicle, make sure you check with our team whether you should be putting snow chains on the front or back tyres. 

Can you hire snow chains with your JUCY vehicle?

You sure can! Just add snow chains to your booking as an optional extra (they cost $40), and our team in the branch will make sure you're confident in fitting them. 

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