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You’ve likely heard of Milford Sound (does the Eighth Wonder of the World ring a bell?!), but we find a few tips still go a long way. Don’t you hate it when you’re on your way to a beautiful fiord and realise you didn’t factor in all the elements of the journey? We do. Keep reading!

  1. A moody day is a good day. If you are picturing sunshine and blue skies, you may want to adjust your expectations. It’s possible to go to Milford Sound on a blue-bird day, but this spot has some of the highest rainfall levels in the world. In this case, rain is your fantastic friend – it’s the reason you will see lush rainforest and cascading waterfalls! High amounts of rainfall create new and temporary waterfalls and that picturesque cliff face bursting with glacier fed water. Knowing more about Milford Sounds weather patterns can not only help you to prepare, but it can also enhance your experience.
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  2. It’s close by kilometres, but it’s a big trip. Milford Sound is only 30km from Queenstown, in a straight line. However, there are of course many mountains in the way of that straight line, and we need to go around them. Driving from Queenstown to Milford Sound, and back again, can be around a 12-hour journey. Breaking it up and spending one night in Te Anau is a popular choice
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  3. Milford Sound is a New Zealand treasure. Fiordland is where Maori discovered Pounamu (New Zealand Jade). This precious stone is found in Milford Sound and up the West Coast of the South Island, and has great spiritual significance to Maori. An adventure to Milford Sound provides an opportunity to learn more about the fiord and the National Park. It’s important to leave it as you found it – take only pictures and leave only footprints.
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  4. Stop along the way. If you’re self-driving, the golden rule is – make a stop everywhere you can! If you are on a JUCY Coach, you’re in good hands and will see plenty of spots! The journey to Milford is packed with breathtaking lakes, short walks and native trees.
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  5. Take photos. Take photos. Take photos. Take photos of yourself, take photos for other people on their cameras for them. When on the Milford road and when cruising the fiord, get that camera out and snap away. Guaranteed there will be plenty of people to show, and plenty of times you will want to look back on this spectacular journey.

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