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JUCY Cruise Blog

So, you know all about our awesome campervans and epic cars but did you know we also have a way for you to travel over water too? No, we didn't invent a water-car... Introducing JUCY Cruise! The JUCY Cruise is a boat that cruises around Milford Sound showing visitors the flowing waterfalls and epic views that this South Island gem has to offer!

"Join us aboard the Maiden of Milford for your JUCY Cruise Milford Sound boat cruise and marvel at one of the most stunning places on earth. Relax in our uncrowded, modern catamarans, Maiden of Milford or Gem of the Sound, while we spoil you with unlimited, close-up viewing of waterfalls, wildlife and rainforest from our three viewing decks"

Check out this awesome video below and if you want to take a ride on the JUCY Cruise, click here



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