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You can’t put a price on paradise. However, it is handy to know how much a trip to Milford Sound costs. Setting yourself a budget for visiting Milford Sound will help prevent any unexpected surprises and keep your spending under control. Here's our insight on how much you'll need for a Milford Sound adventure. 


One of the biggest costs of visiting Milford Sound is transport. You'll need to account for vehicle hire and petrol money. Milford Sound is approximately 4 hours drive from Queenstown, one way. A budget of roughly NZD$170 for your petrol costs will get you there and back. In winter, vehicle hire is significantly cheaper than in summer. You could hire a car for as little as $20 a day in winter, and twice as much in summer! 

Alternatively, you could pass on taking your own vehicle and consider a JUCY Milford Sound day trip, including a coach for transport, from NZD$125 per person. This makes it easier to keep tabs on how much you'll spend. 


Book your activities in advance. That way, you know how much is left in your budget for spending on other fun things.

  • A Milford Sound cruise is the ultimate must-do when visiting the area. JUCY’s epic cruises start from NZD$45 per person.
  • Another great activity is kayaking in the sound. Kayaking trips usually start at around $100 per person.
  • Or, you could enjoy all the free hikes, waterfalls, and scenic stops to be found along the road to Milford Sound. You'll get all of the beauty without the price tag! 

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Buying food in New Zealand can be expensive, so factor this into your Milford Sound budget.  You can stock up on supermarket goods in Queenstown or Te Anau to save having to eat in restaurants. After Te Anau, food is harder to find and more expensive. For a one-day trip, around NZD$50 per person will ensure a tasty lunch AND snacks along the way!


Make sure you’ve allocated some spare cash for necessities such as hot coffee onboard your cruise, insect repellent, and souvenirs. 

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You can tailor your Milford Sound trip to suit your budget. For example, you could go all out and fly to the sound! Or you could still go via water, but choose a more luxurious cruise option to ensure maximum comfort onboard the boat. If you're not fussed about fanciness adn just want to see the natural beauty, a classic Milford Sound Cruise suits smaller budgets. 

Total budget

All in all, a rough budget of NZD$270 per person is what you need for visiting Milford Sound. With this budget you'll be able to afford a trip you won't forget.  

 JUCY Cruise has a range of activities and tours to suit all budgets! Get in touch with the team today for help with planning your Milford Sound Adventure.