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It’s that time of year again! Crisp temperatures, snow on the mountains, still and clear days and plenty of sunshine (we’re trying to be positive!). Putting together all of our brain juice, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 things to do in Fiordland in winter.


1. Milford Sound.
Grab your beanies and gloves and wrap up warm! Milford Sound is absolutely breathtaking in winter. The cool air coming straight off the snow covered mountains is fresh and earthy. Less people tend to travel to Fiordland in winter so enjoy a quieter Milford Sound Cruise. There are endless reasons to visit Milford Sound at this time of year!


2. Chat with the locals.
With less people in towns that are otherwise tourist hubs, the locals are bound to be keen for a chat. Stop by a café, check out a small store or stroll through a town. What better way to soak up some local info than from a local themselves?

3. Spot some wildlife.
This could be the season to snap that winning shot of a kea! Their beautiful colours are vibrant next to all the snow and wet cliff faces. Don’t forget, we can’t feed the kea, only admire from afar. Native birds will likely be found in the valleys, so keep your eyes peeled as you adventure through the landscape!

kea native bird

4. Cram your days!
The days are shorter in winter, so cram as much as you can into each day. Find a spot with some free Wi-Fi and see what planning you can do. And remember, less day light does not have to be a negative! Put your creative hat on and think up some great ideas for after dark exploring. Where would we start? Star gazing! Don’t forget your warm jackets though!

5. A classic roadie.
Hop in your JUCY Rental or Camper and hit the road! There’s something about seeing the sights from a toasty, enclosed space. Crank the heating and take your time. If you’re going to take our advice and go on a winter road trip through Fiordland, remember to do some planning first. New Zealand roads can be tricky, and it’s especially important to take extra care in winter. Brush up on the road rules and check for road closures.

JUCY campervan travelling to South Island