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Unlike many of the beautiful fiords in New Zealand’s South Island, Milford Sound is accessible. Journey there by road, boat, helicopter or plane. We in New Zealand can count ourselves lucky that we have this kind of glorious nature at our finger tips. So, what are some tips to make the most of your Milford Sound trip?! We’ve got the local know-how!

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The Foreshore Walk.

Take your time to appreciate your surroundings when you first arrive in Milford Sound. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of cruises and activities, but we love the idea of walking this 30-minute loop along the waterfront first. This walk is an easy stroll along the perfectly positioned boardwalk. It takes you through small sections of beech forest before peaking out to viewing points of Mitre Peak.

 milford sound rope swing girl mountain view


The Swing.

Also found on Milford Sound’s waterfront is a super awesome swing! Simply made from driftwood and rope and placed between two trees, this has got to be the best swing view you’ll ever come across. With uninterrupted views of Mitre Peak and the entire fiord, be sure to snap a photo of yourself loving life! That is, if you manage to find it!

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A cruise.

A Milford Sound Cruise is the ultimate way to experience Milford Sound. Get out on the waters of this beautiful fiord to really understand the magnitude of the landscape, its beauty and its history. Not only can you get up close and personal with the many waterfalls and awesome wildlife, enjoy informative commentary from your local JUCY skipper as well.

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Stay overnight.

A day trip is the most common way to experience Milford Sound, although there are options for staying in the World Heritage site overnight or longer. Grab your beloved JUCY camper and book a night at the powered site that’s right in the middle of Milford Sound. One of the benefits of staying overnight…you can stay up late (or get up early) to catch up a glimpse of the incredibly bright stars that light up Milford Sound by night.