Mons Roadtrip Day Two 8

JUCY x Mons Royale Road Trip

The Mons Royale[] crew are currently driving up the winding roads of New Zealand in a JUCY convoy. They're stopping along the way to catch up...

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WoodyGooch Condo July2016 NZ 1

Wanaka 4 Day Itinerary

The last time I flew into Queenstown I completely bypassed the popular tourist mecca (ok, I lie, I did stop off at Fergburger on my way...

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If you think Queenstown's cool, you should see Wanaka

I've been to Queenstown lots of times, but I have never made the drive over the Crown Range to Wanaka. Shocking, I know. Thanks to our friends at Lake Wanaka Tourism we were able to do a bunch of really fun activities in and around Wanaka. So here's a list to prove that Wanaka is not just about the slopes[...]

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