Mons Roadtrip Day Two 8


The Mons Royale crew are currently driving up the winding roads of New Zealand in a JUCY convoy. They're stopping along the way to catch up with their customers and check out some epic NZ sites. You can follow their journey on the JUCYworld snapchat or check out the #JUCYxMonsRoyale hashtag on Instagram! 

Here's Anna Smoothy, captain of the road trip team, telling you about the adventure so far.


My names Anna Smoothy and I’m kicking it around New Zealand on the #JUCYxMonsRoyale Roadtrip from South to North. The generous bunch at JUCY Rentals have linked up with my esteemed associates at merino magic company, Mons Royale. Our idea: to relocate JUCY campas from Wanaka to Auckland, visiting Mons Royale retailers and fitting in as many activities as humanly possible.

Rolling deep in the JUCY Casa Plus (AKA Big White) is Tom Brownlee, Veronica Asmus, Zak Hogg and Mark Bridgwater. These wonderful humans are all Mons bodies in some way, shape or form, from Oceania Sales Manager, to Mons athletes and photographer. Without exception, the crew have a wealth of talents, the most notable of which is the ability to faff.

British informal
Verb// Comparable to dilly-dallying, to faff is to spend time in ineffective activity.

We are a motivated bunch and our excitement to do all the activities, all the time often creates a lot of life admin that delays individuals and groups very effectively. What activities you ask? Canal surfing between Wanaka and Christchurch delayed our arrival time from 4pm to 9pm. Mountain biking the Port Hills in Christchurch made us 3 hours late to an engagement party. Diving in Kaikoura ensured we didn’t eat dinner until 11 at night, relegating trials of digestion to our sleeping quarters – never a good idea.

The faffing is real, but we get there eventually and these delays typically add to the fabric of our journey. All motion in a forward’s direction is celebrated, as are the bike stunts, sunrises and bridge jumps.

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