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Today is International Mountain Day and to celebrate we are showcasing all our fave mountains frequented by JUCY lovers around the world. Mountains are awesome for travellers to check out on their adventures - not only do they provide amazing views from the top you there's usually a hike to get to the summit, so it's a great way to get the heart pumping, some fresh air into those lungs, and the legs cranking in between long stretches on the road!

1. Roy's Peak

Probably one of the most instagrammed places in Wanaka over the last few years (seriously, check out the hashtag), Roy's Peak is a full day (5-6 hour) walk. But, just LOOK at that view! Totally worth it, right?!

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2. Mt Maunganui

Affectionately known by all NZers as 'the Mount', Mt Maunganui is a fun little coastal town on the east coast of the North Island, with the vibe of a more chilled Gold Coast. The actual 'Mount' sits steep and tall at one end of the immense beach, and a brisk 40 minute walk will get you to the top, ready to take in all those amazing views. The best part about its location is that once you're at the bottom you're right on the main strip - and there's plenty of great bars for you to relax at and drink a cold one after all that exercise! 

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3. Mt Cook (Aoraki)

This wouldn't be a list of best mountains without mentioning our highest one! Mt Cook stands at 3724m and is 2.5 hours from our Queenstown branch, so a decent day trip will have you witnessing this incredible, snow-capped peak. The road to Mt Cook is nothing short of spectacular - and seriously instagrammable! 

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(pic by @tiffpenguin)

4. Mt Taranaki 

Ahh. The "Naki". Instagrammable in its symmetry and constantly snow-capped tip, this active volcano is a great one to photograph, whether you're looking at it or from it. It's almost six hours drive from Auckland, but the region is absolutely stunning and dotted with lovely townships and epic West Coast views. 

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5. Mt Aspiring

 Mt Aspiring is located in Mt Aspiring National Park, and is an absolute wonder to see. Best seen from a helicopter (lucky me, I got to do this earlier this year - thanks Wilkin River Jets!), its peak is beautiful and bold. If you can't splurge for a helicopter, make sure you visit the park to take in some hiking trails - some info can be found here. It's only a short drive from Wanaka, which is about an hour from our Queenstown branch, so it's super accessible and definitely worth the trip!

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(pic by @nickrapley)

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