sunset over beach in new zealand


Heading out on your first campervan trip and don't know what to pack? Check out this list all of the essential things to take on a campervan road trip. 

Softshell bags

Leave the suitcases at home. if you're travelling in a campervan especially, backpacks and soft shell bags are the way to go. Storage is limited in a campervan, so giant suitcases won't work. Soft bags are much more efficient when it comes to storage. 

The essentials

  • Driver's licence – The most important thing you'll need. You can't hire a JUCY without one! 
  • Credit or debit card –  New Zealand is pretty much a plastic country, so you can pay for almost everything with your card
  • Cash –  having some cash on hand is essential for stocking up on fruit and veg from small stalls on the side of the road
  • Phone 
  • Passport – If you're visiting from overseas
  • Navigation – a physical map, download Google maps offline on your phone, or hire a JUCY GPS

What to take for the kitchen 

JUCY campervans all have a fully-equipped kitchen. That means you will have a chopping board, sharp knife, cutlery, kettle, cups, glasses and even a vegetable peeler. All you need to bring is everything you want to eat.

  • Dishwash liquid – this is the most important thing to remember, as you'll need some to do your dishes
  • Oil –  You'll need this to cook
  • Salt and pepper –  The classics
  • Tin foil or Tupperware –  It's handy to be able to cover up your food so you can eat it later. Tupperware can also be handy for things like collecting pipis from the beach or can be used as a camping bowl in a pinch 
  • Rubbish bags – You'll have one provided in your camper, but it's always good to have a few more on hand

ELECTRONICS you'll need

  • AUX cord - DO NOT forget this! You'll need this to hook your phone up to the campervan stereo. Radio can be patchy anywhere outside of New Zealand's main towns and cities, so it's better to be prepared with your own music. 
  • USB charging cord - there are two USB ports in the back of each of our campervans, so you can charge your devices here
  • Phone car mount - this one is handy if you want to be able to see your phone for Google Maps

Handy bits and bobs

  • Stainless steel drink bottle - You can drink tap water everywhere in New Zealand, and in some places, like Milford Sound, you can drink straight from the streams. A reusable drink bottle means you can stay hydrated without going through lots of plastic bottles
  • A clothesline
  • Playing cards - When you're camping in the wilderness, you might struggle to come up with things to do after dark. A pack of cards means you can stay entertained and they're great for social games if you want to invite neighbouring campers over
  • A picnic blanket
  • Spare matches or a lighter
  • Toilet paper
  • A torch - Although there are lights inside and outside your JUCY campervan, a torch will come in handy for late night treks to outdoor toilets, or for little missions to find glow worms 

Health and safety stuff

  • First aid kit 
  • Insect repellent - preferably something that keeps away sandflies
  • Sunscreen - New Zealand has notoriously strong sun, thanks to the giant hole in the ozone layer above us. Don't risk getting burnt, make sure you have a good, coral friendly zinc oxide sunscreen