jucy electric campervan travelling around new zealand2


Introducing the first electric campervan to the New Zealand tourist market! The JUCY EV prototype campervan was trialled by two visiting French students as they make their way around the North Island.

The JUCY EV prototype trial

We chose French tourists Héloïse de Bokay and Solène Trinquet to trial our electric campervan prototype. In 2018, they spent several months driving thousands of kilometres around the North and South Islands. Our JUCY EV travellers were two students from Paris and are both passionate about reaching out to their generation about environmental issues and love to do that through an eco-friendly adventure.

While on the road, they recorded information on the availability of charging stations, the costs of travelling in an electric vehicle, and attitudes toward the EV. Solene and Heloise travelled 60 kilometres -100 kilometres a day, fueled only by local energy and the spirit of adventure!

The growing demand for environmentally sustainable travel options fueled our interest in trialling this product for our customers. Also, plans are in the works to introduce charging stations at branches, as well as including them at each of our Snooze hotels across New Zealand and Australia.

Check out an interview with the girls below!


Our new EV fleet

Following the successful trial, we have now launched a fleet of four fully electric campervans! We used the information collected by Solene and Heloise to improve the fit out of our campervans. 


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