electric campervan new zealand

Author: Solene and Heloise JUCY EV

Step by step we’re learning how the JUCY EV campervan reacts on different terrain (highway, hilly mountain, flat area with lots of turns). We have fun driving it as it’s easy handling and responsive, and most of the time we have no sounds. However, we can experience some wind noise when are on the highway due to the wind going under the tent, and it sounds like the siren of the boat! Whatever, we prefer this funny sound rather than the one of a vehicle engine. 

We've customised the inside with a light garland and boxes to create a warm ambience. Inside the campervan, we have a desk and a little kitchen, and we feel very fortunate to have the tent on the roof! We sleep very well inside and it’s fast to set up. 

A big-hearted welcome from the EV community

The thing we're loving the most on our EV road-trip is the enthusiasm of people. Some people honked us on the road and greeted us by waving their hands with big smiles on their face. We feel supported by people, especially in the EV community (people who own an electric vehicle or are promoting them). We've found New Zealanders very welcoming of us and lot of them proposed for us to stay recharge the campervan at their homes. One thing is for sure, there are a cohesive and fun community involved for the future of mobility in the country. Every year, they organize an electric road-trip around New Zealand, and we are so excited because we will be part of it this year! During three weeks, they stop in cities to present electric vehicles to the public and share moments together. That’s the philosophy of EV in New Zealand: use renewable energy to charge your car, use your car to gather people.

Take a tour around JUCY's Electric Campervan Prototype

The EV campervan has been equipped with everything they need for an epic eco-friendly adventure around New Zealand!