man sits in jucy electric campervan under rainbow


Introducing, a new way of travelling; the electric campervan. 

At JUCY, we're committed to exploring how electric campervans could work in New Zealand and potentially have a meaningful contribution to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Here are six of the main reasons you should consider travelling in an electric vehicle. 

1. Driving an EV is cost effective

The costs of running an EV are significantly less than that of a petrol or diesel car - roughly equivalent to paying $0.30 per litre. That’s approximately 15% of the cost of running a regular vehicle. 

That makes our electric campervan the perfect vehicle for any budget conscious, eco-friendly travellers!  

jucy ev camper driving over bridge in puhoi

2. Electric vehicles are a more sustainable mode of travel

Electric vehicles offer a much more sustainable option for travelling New Zealand. Our electricity is 80% renewable (from wind, hydro, or geothermal), so choosing an EV over a petrol vehicle reduces your carbon emissions by 80%. 

Over the full life cycle of an EV, the vehicle will produce 60% fewer climate change emissions than petrol vehicles, even taking into account the manufacture of the vehicles and batters, raw materials, and shipping. 

If you're interested in protecting New Zealand's future, don't just stop at driving an electric vehicle. Follow our responsible travel tips to make sure you tread as lightly as possible when travelling around New Zealand. 

3. Our EV campervan has some very cool extras

The JUCY EV comes with some awesome extras that our regular campervans don't have. For example, this vehicle comes with a wifi router and an electric blanket! There's also an induction stovetop, a USB port upstairs in the penthouse, and an awning. 

4. The JUCY EV is a comfortable ride 

EVs have a high torque power, which means smooth acceleration and deceleration. With a low centre of gravity, you'll find them responsive and easy to handle. 

They are also exceptionally quiet, so you can enjoy conversations or music more easily. 

man having a cup of coffee next to the jucy ev at sunrise

5. Stopping to charge encourages rest breaks

One of the main factors to consider when hiring an electric vehicle is the time you will need to spend charging it. Our EVs have a range of approximately 180 kilometres when they are on full charge, however, this depends on factors such as the amount of weight in the vehicle, speed, and whether or not you use the heating or the stereo. 

You'll probably find you stop every one and a half to two hours to charge the vehicle. At a fast charging station, 30 minutes is usually enough to top up the battery to 80%. 

In this time, you'll be able to take a proper rest stop, helping you to avoid fatigue. It's also a chance to explore many small towns you might otherwise zoom straight through. 

You can see the full network of electric vehicle fast charging stations on ChargeNet.

6. The EV community in New Zealand is strong and supportive

People are generally very curious about and supportive of electric vehicles. You'll find that your JUCY EV is a great talking point!

Other EV drivers are also very supportive. If you meet other electric drivers at charging stations, they are typically more than happy to swap tips and experiences. It's awesome to see this growing community of eco-minded people in New Zealand! 

Keen to road trip New Zealand in an electric campervan? Find out how to book our JUCY EV